A growing company is always looking for ways to speed up production and save money on labor. We have seen many instances where an easy and cost effective solution was to stop doing case sealing and labeling by hand.

We have great product partners that offer terrific solutions for this very situation. A case sealer and HP inkjet combo can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to seal the top and bottom of boxes and affix a label before it is palletized.

The labor itself is reduced greatly and a measurable amount of less tape is used. No more hitting it twice with a tape gun on the top and bottom to make sure it is sealed. A tape machine provides a precise amount of tape with the appropriate amount of tape leg length for your application. The HP inkjet that is attached to the machine will do the printing for you, so you don’t have to peel and apply a label after the box is taped. Printing on the box instead of a label saves time and money as well. What you get is a uniform looking box without bunched up uneven tape and crooked labels.

Let your supplier know you would like to discuss this application or give Shippers Supply a call.