We have been fortunate enough over the years to be partners with many companies that have grown their business. Some fast, some steady, but growth nonetheless. With growth comes need to improve production speeds and maximize manpower. Switching from hand wrapping to stretch wrapping can produce huge savings in film use.

A stretch wrapping machine can produce a consistent result and is safer. It also reduces product damage and labor. The team member spending 10 minutes wrapping one load can be used for more productive activities. Production rates will go up and labor will go down, which offsets the cost of a Lantech stretch wrap machine.

Your company can see savings on film up to half, much quicker production going from 10 to 50 pallets per hour. There is less film waste and uneven loads to deal with or have to do over. Call your supply company to discuss a stretch wrap machine. Call shippers to discuss a Lantech machine made right here in Kentucky. We provide years of expertise on equipment and have a service team ready to go if you ever have issues.