Blog: Supply Chain Reaction

How to Keep Fill Rates Up

Clients tell me that they can get fill rates up but they can’t keep them up, even if they throw inventory at the problem. When fill rates drop so do sales and turns. It is possible to get both fill rates and turns up and keep them up. Read on to understand the...

How to Improve Resilience and Response Time

Our quick changing geopolitical climate is causing companies to reconsider their offshoring strategies. Unpredictable forecasting, which we talked about in a previous blog post, and the logistical nightmares that come from choosing the wrong trend are just a small...

Key Measurements for Support Groups in the Supply Chain

“Tell me how you measure me, and I will tell you how I will behave. If my measurements are not clear, no one can predict how I will behave – not even me!” -Dr. Eli Goldratt An internal supply chain exists within one organization. An external supply chain includes...

The Bullwhip Effect

Sometimes you can make things worse by just “trying to do your best.” Planning and forecasting is supposed to be the way to solve production, supply, and storage problems but it is not always reliable. Variations in demand are being magnified more than ever. Even the...

Brick and Mortar Shopping is Not Dead Yet

The convenience of making purchases online during the pandemic could have easily wiped out the desire for shoppers to get in their cars and actually visit a physical location. But as the restrictions from the pandemic slow down it turns out that Americans are anxious...

The Answer to Minimizing Risk and Running Out

As you already know, the pandemic has caused a major supply chain disruption. This has caused major backlogs and shortages that not only affect the consumer but manufacturers as prices rise and products cannot be made and delivered. This Wall Street Journal video...

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