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Shippers Solutions Celebrates A Major Milestone 

This year marks Shippers’ 70th year in business. We are extremely proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to serve our loyal customers for the past seven decades. Since 1952, Shippers has provided shipping supplies and supply-chain solutions to growth-minded manufacturers and distributors who demand extraordinary performance and value. 

This milestone is a testament that we have never lost focus of what has allowed us to remain in business for 70 years — making our customers heroes by solving their supply-chain problems. 

While our success story includes a clear vision and core values, the biggest factor is our incredible employees. We are so fortunate to have a long-tenured, dedicated staff that includes some of the best problems solvers in the industry. Shippers takes pride in our unwavering commitment to deliver excellent service to every customer.

All these assets contribute to making this 70th anniversary year an achievement to be celebrated. Our primary goals, which were established in 1952, remain true today: to assist our customers in overcoming their daily challenges and to avoid workplace interruptions by never letting them run out. 

Again, thanks to all our customers. For 70 years we’ve had the pleasure of serving you. The best is yet to come. 

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