A guarantee matters. Your time matters. Anyone can say that they will deliver, but we put our money where our mouth is with a guarantee. The Easy Supply Program from Shippers is the only VMI to make this promise with zero hidden fees or charges.

ESP is the only supply program to GUARANTEE you will have:

•    Zero Stockouts
•    Lower Inventory
•    A Motivated Partner
•    No ordering or effort to get the items you need.

There is no risk. You have our immediate attention. We will respond to any stock issue immediately to fix the problem. You will have peace of mind knowing we are doing everything possible to get you back in stock.

Managing packaging supplies is not usually the most critical aspect of a running a successful business, but it can be a hassle and take time away from other more critical activities.

ESP takes those worries away and frees up your time focus on the big things that can really drive your business forward. ESP was designed to protect you and your business while giving you the maximum benefits available. To learn more about how ESP can help drive your business forward, contact us, we’ll explain it all and answer your questions.

THINGS DON’T ALWAYS GO WRONG. However when they do, YOU suffer. Is your supplier doing everything they can to make sure you are up and running, or are they protecting their company policies? Ask them to GUARANTEE the VMI service they provide for you. When a schedule change, clerical error, or communication breakdown threatens you with a stockout, and shutting production down, the headache can become a crisis.

What is the point of a VMI program if your inventory is not managed well?

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