Nothing makes us happier than to help our customers identify solutions that solve their immediate and long-term problems related to inventory management, packaging materials, shipping issues, logistics, or even warehouse space.  To give you an idea how our amazing staff at SSCo solves customer challenges every day we invite you to review a few brief examples of our Customer Success Stories:

Case 1: Customer Employee Safety & Cost Savings

Problem: One of our valued customers called us to assist with a problem. A noticeable spike in laceration-related Workers’ Comp Claims was occurring in the shipping department.  After looking into the occurrences, they identified steel strapping as the primary source of the injuries.

Solution: One of SSCo’s team member for the customer traveled to the warehouse to investigate the problem and quickly determined that switching from steel straps to plastic straps would not only be a safer solution but it would also be a less-expensive strap and just as effective as the steel strap.

Result:  Workers Comp Claims significantly decreased and the company didn’t lose any load containment.

Case 2: Supply Shortage Problem

Problem: SSCo was contacted by a long-time customer with a very common problem.  They were constantly running out of the packaging supplies they needed to keep their production lines up and running.

Solution: SSCo’s Barry Epstein met with the customer and after touring the facility determined that the customer was a great fit for our Easy Supply Program (ESP) which is designed to allow SSCo to manage all packaging supply stocking and inventory. Barry set up the customer on a program that includes counting and replenishing the customer’s packaging inventory 3 times a week with the guarantee that customer would never run out of inventory.

Result: The customer’s productivity increased considerably and the stress of worrying about packaging supply outages or downtime was eliminated.

Case 3: Discovering an Unrealized Opportunity 

Problem: Sometimes our customers don’t immediately realize a problem (or opportunity) exists in their operation.  Such was the case with a customer that simply wasn’t interested in SSCo’s initial product presentation but was willing to continue a conversation once they realized that SSCo offered other options to address packaging issues.

Solution: Upon further discussion SSCo and the customer collectively discovered an unrealized problem relating to the packaging tape that was being used.  Our SSCo rep recommended switching to a tape product much more suited for the packaging process and the problem was solved.

Result:  This initial success story helped build a trusting relationship between SSCo and the customer which has grown into the customer becoming a member of SSCo’s Easy Supply Program (ESP).

Case 4: Manpower Problem Solved

Problem: A bourbon distillery contacted SSCo’s Jeff Jordan with a labor issue.  The root of the problem pointed to spending too much time and money writing the custom information on the bourbon bottle labels by hand. 

Solution: Jeff visited the distillery equipped with an Auto-print HP/Labelmate label feeder and printer that he set up and demonstrated for the attendees. 

Result: After running a successful test of the printer and label feeder the customer purchased the unit and can now print an entire roll of labels at one time – that’s 1000 labels produced at the same time it took to manually print 25 – 30 labels.   

Case 5: Faulty Strapping Machine

Problem: During an onsite equipment service call, Troy Barnickle, SSCo’s Service Manager, was asked by the customer to take a look at ongoing strapping issue which was occurring with a Signode machine purchased from another provider. 

Solution: After taking a closer look at the machine Troy identified and pointed out performance flaws in the Signode machine and recommended switching to a new and more reliable Strapack unit.  The customer was very appreciative of the advice and proceeded to contact Jeff Jordan, SSCo’s Equipment Specialist, and asked him for a quote.

Result: The new Strapack unit that was purchased from SSCo not only solved the strapping issues but has provided significant cost savings.  In a span of 4 years the customer has purchased a total of 21 new Strapack units and has shifted all the strapping business from the previous provider to SSCo.

Case 6: Single Source for Packaging Supplies

Problem: Several years ago, one of SSCo’s larger customers with multiple locations was facing a common issue. How to manage doing business with 10+ packaging supply vendors.

Solution: SSCo’s Stuart Allen, recognized the problem and approached the regional manager to propose a plan for SSCo to become the single distributor for all of the company’s packaging supply needs.  The plan included offering a s set price structure for all locations and clearly identified the valuable time the customer could save by shifting all packaging supply business to one trusted vendor.  

Result: The plan immediately eliminated the loss of time that had been dedicated to dealing with multiple supplier reps.  The plan also simplified corporate purchasing’s time by reducing the number of vendors they had to manage. Stuart continues to be the exclusive rep and primary contact for all of the customer’s packaging supply needs.

Case 7: Improper Pallet Load: Lantech to the Rescue

Problem: SSCo was contacted by a customer to see if we could solve an ongoing shipping problem.  The customer pointed out that some of the pallet loads were shifting and not staying together during the shipment.

Solution: SSCo contacted its vendor/partner, Lantech, and asked them to assist in identifying the problem. After sending a shipment to Lantech, pictures were taken of the load to illustrate how loose the pallets were when the truck arrived. After reworking the loads, SSCo invited the customer’s engineers to Lantech’s facility to see the proposed new configuration for loading the pallets on the truck. The customer still implements this solution today.

Case 8:  Trust and Patience Lead to Long-Term Relationships 

Problem: SSCo often has loyal customers with very basic packaging supply needs.  But, sometimes during phone conversations our Customer Service Team identifies potential problems that can be solved.  Here’s an example: during a conversation with a customer, the purchasing manager mentions that he was constantly running out of packaging supplies such as strapping, labels, and ribbon.

Solution:  SSCo’s Customer Service expert who had already established a trusted relationship with the purchasing manager suggested that he consider SSCo’s Easy Supply Program (ESP) which not only addressed the inventory problem but also guaranteed that customer would never run out of supplies.

Result:  The purchasing manager enrolled in ESP and very quickly started seeing multiple benefits of the program.  4+ years later, the ESP solution has not only corrected the problem of running out of supplies, but it has also saved his company valuable time and money.  

Case 9: Logistics Problem

Problem:  SSCo received a call from a valued customer with a logistics issue. Several of their trucks were experiencing road load failures due to the pallets being stacked in columns.

Solution:  SSCo’s Barry Epstein investigated the problem and recommended conducting a Shaker Table Test to identify potential load shifting issues caused by vibration during the truck’s long-haul travel.  The video from the test showed that the side-by-side stacking of the columns was the cause of the problem. SSCo corrected the issue by slightly offsetting the center stacks   and reconfiguring the loading method so the product columns did not overlap the pallet.

Result:  The load failure problem was resolved and the customer’s logistic efficiency noticeable improved.

Result: The new load profile dramatically reduced the shifting issue which resulted in reducing shipping damage and saving costs.  To date, this customer has purchased numerous Lantech units, continues to be a great customer for SSCo, and never hesitates to call us anytime they have a packaging issue.  

Case 10:  Last Minute Problem

Problem: SSCo’s Customer Service Team often addresses customer problems that are “last minute” situations. An example is a trucking company that contacted SSCo with a need for a series of strap-related items including the tools, dispenser cart, strapping material, seals, tensioner, and sealer.

Solution: Since the need was immediate, SSCo’s Laura Browning, asked the customer a few more questions about the shipment and suggested going with a simpler and cheaper solution: using buckles and straps which avoided the need for all the other strap-related items the customer originally requested.

Result: The customer went with the proposed alternate solution and the shipment was not only made on time but at a cost saving of over 10 times the price of the initial requested strapping items.

Case 11:  We’ve Got Your Back 

Problem: A valued customer contacted SSCo with a serious tool problem that needed to solved very quickly.  After gathering all the details on the phone the customer alluded that all his tools were either broken or misplaced. But, he was in dire need of the tools.

Solution:  The solution was an easy one: SSCo simply loaned the customer all the tools he needed while the equipment service team made the repairs to the customer’s tools.

Result: Rapidly responding to this problem and others as well has helped to develop a strong relationship with this customer.  It’s a relationship built on earned trust and mutual respect for each other. 

Case 12: Better, Faster, & Cheaper

Problem: SSCo’s Laura Browning was contacted by a company that produces lawn, garden, and farm equipment with an immediate request.  They were in need of a special shipping product (VCI bag) used to inhibit rust during a shipment.

Solution: Laura jumped into action to investigate the problem and after a brief discussion with other members of the team they realized that they had in stock a surplus of VCI Paper which they determined would not only solve the problem but it was a far cheaper item than the VCI Bag. The surplus supply of VCI Paper was immediately delivered to the customer.

Result:  The VCI paper alternative not only saved the customer valuable time in delivery but the item was much less expensive than the original VCI bag that the customer initially requested.

Case 13:  One Good Deed Leads to Another

Problem: During a visit with a customer we collectively discovered an issue that was rapidly developing into a problem. Properly stocking one of their specialty packaging items, a molded fiber tray, was causing a major headache in the limited space they had in their warehouse.

Solution: The SSCo team quickly offered a solution to the problem by offering to store and manage the inventory of the item at our warehouse facility.  And then to deliver pallets of the molded fiber tray as needed.

Result:  The solution was very well received and lead to the customer becoming a member of SSCo’s Easy Supply Program (ESP).  Today SSCo manages over 25 items for the customer.

Case 14:  Immediate Need on a Bi-Weekly Basis 

Problem: SSCo’s Customer Service Team is often contacted by a customer who is facing a sudden need to replenish their inventory of a particular packaging supply product. In one case, the customer calls in with an Expedited Shipment request 2 to 3 times a month.  It seems that there are systematic supply inventory problems within the company which causes machine linemen assembling one product to remove stock items from another group of machine linemen without letting them know.

Solution: After several conversations with the customer, SSCo’s Morgan Allen has developed a trusted relationship with the material manager and has always been prepared to address the immediate need for inventory when she receives the call for the Expedited Shipment request.

Result: This customer now considers SSCo as a trusted, reliable, and valuable vendor/partner. We take great pride in saying that “we’ll never let them run out” for each and every one of our valued customers.

Case 15: Simple Problem Solving Earns Trust

Problem: SSCo’s Jeff Jordan received a call from a frustrated customer about an issue he was having with a tape machine.  The customer was seeking a tape machine that had an extended conveyor, so he could mount an ink jet printhead on the conveyor after the case is sealed.  He said he had previously contacted another manufacturer (3M), but never received a response. 

Solution: Jeff tapped into his extensive knowledge of tape equipment and identified the perfect solution: a Bestpack MSL 22-2 tape machine, that featured an extended conveyor section that was ideal for his specific application. SSCo then coordinated the next step that included sending small customer cases to Bestpack to be tested.

Result: Once the test results were verified, the grateful customer purchased the machine and the problem was solved.

Final Note: We hope you found value in reading some of these summarized Customer Success Stories. Feel free to return to this page to view more as we add new stories to the collection.  If you have a current problem relating to inventory management, packaging supplies, 3PL or any other shipping-related need please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  Our passion is solving problems and making you the hero in the process.

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