Are You Experiencing Uncertainty and Chaos?

May 9, 2022Articles

Uncertainty and chaos: two words that are every manufacturer’s nightmare. Any manufacturer that requires hundreds to thousands of raw materials to make their product understands the consequences of running out of just one of those raw materials. The automotive industry knows first hand how a small part can interrupt or even shut down production. We want to help you understand how this nagging problem happens and introduce you to a solution to better protect sales. The never-ending problem is best described in the following Infinity Loop illustration.

To sum it up, if you buy just enough to cover the expected demand you are certain to face inventory shortages and lost orders. But on the other hand, costs, write offs and investments all increase when we hold high inventories of raw materials, WIP (work in progress), and finished goods. So what is the solution? Watch this video

Powered by our proprietary inventory management software, Supply Stream reduces shortages, ensures more timely shipments from manufacturers to their customers, recovers lost orders, and eliminates operational expenses. By integrating Supply Stream into your production operation, you can rest assured that you’ll never run out of raw material again.

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