Blog: Supply Chain Reaction

Congestion Can Also Cause the Bullwhip Effect

In our previous blog, we shared a brief explanation of the bullwhip effect and how it can negatively affect inventory management. But this whipsaw reaction can also be caused by congestion. Dr. Willy Shih, the Robert and Jane Cizik professor of management practice at...

Don’t Let a Sudden Spike Fool You into the Bullwhip Effect

When all the different players in a supply chain quickly respond to sudden demand fluctuation, they can create a larger ripple action known as the bullwhip effect. In short, when each member of the supply chain overcompensates for this sudden demand with excess...

What is Shrinkflation?

If you live in the United States, you have likely noticed that some of our favorite products have shrunk in size in the past few years. As the price of ingredients and manufacturing increases due to the supply chain crisis and soaring inflation, we end up with smaller...

The Smallest Part Can Make The Biggest Impact

You may have recently read about Ford Motors Company’s latest supply-chain snarl: the blue oval badges. Troubles obtaining the small branding piece has delayed the delivery of thousands of vehicles. The trademark is important because it is the finishing touch and adds...

A Closer Look at the Just-In-Time Inventory Management Strategy

Thanks to the current supply chain crisis, it’s never been more difficult to determine the right inventory management solution for your business, especially if you are a manufacturer or a distributor. Maintaining just the right level of supply availability is critical...

A Simple Explanation of the Complex Supply Chain

Due to the fact that supply chains have multiple moving parts and layers, it’s very difficult to point the finger at one problem when trying to solve the current product availability crisis. A good place to start is to understand that there are two main players that...

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