The Smallest Part Can Make The Biggest Impact

Oct 10, 2022Articles

You may have recently read about Ford Motors Company’s latest supply-chain snarl: the blue oval badges. Troubles obtaining the small branding piece has delayed the delivery of thousands of vehicles. The trademark is important because it is the finishing touch and adds value to a car, marking it as a “luxury.” In the auto industry, brand badges are the only identifier apart from the design that is visible to the onlooker.

Based on our news research, this seems to just be a bizarre kink in the supply chain, not related to the semiconductor microchip shortage that Ford is also experiencing. According to Axios, “Ford’s stock fell 12.3% after the company said that it expects to have 40,000-45,000 cars nearly finished but lacking crucial parts at the end of the third

Any manufacturer that requires hundreds to thousands of raw materials to make their products understands the consequences of running out of just one of those raw materials. The never-ending problem that Ford is experiencing can be described in this Youtube video by Henry Camp, President of Shippers Solutions.

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