Will Our Supply Crisis Continue in 2023?

Jan 2, 2023Articles

From war to weather, supply chains have been tested in the last year. According to a Bloomberg Law Analysis of 2023’s Top Supply Chain Disruptors, “inflation, rising interest rates, and the strong US dollar will play a leading role in supply-chain dynamics for the coming year.” Let’s review a few 2022 events that will continue to impact inventory management: 

  • Russia-Ukraine War: Surging energy prices and rising costs of natural gas in Europe
  • Weather Disasters: Extreme global weather is likely to continue in 2023 which will impact food and water resources, as well as distribution channels. This means possibly moving logistic centers away from storm-prone locations. 
  • Recession Fears: The timing is uncertain but declines in spending and jobs will increase payment defaults and supplier bankruptcies. 
  • Global Strife: International politics such as security tensions between the US and China will continue to play a role in supply and demand. 

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